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Cragside Primary School

Cragside is a vibrant school full of energy and enthusiasm. They pride themselves on having fantastic staff who deliver a superb curriculum to their wonderful children. They work hard to ensure that all of their children are nurtured as well as inspired.





We are extremely happy with the service from Spectrum Print. The new printers are saving us so much time! We no longer have to order new ink or give our print numbers every month, it’s all taken care of remotely. The team are amazing and always very helpful!

The Challenges

  • Waste: The school struggled with a significant amount of wasted paper due to unintentional or unnecessary printing.
  • Outdated Printers: The existing printers were old and required frequent technical assistance, causing stress for the staff.
  • Individual Office Printers: There were five individual printers in offices, which were costly to maintain.
  • Ink Management: Staff sometimes used up all the ink without notifying the office, leading to ink shortages.

The Solution

  • New Printers: The school now boasts three new large printers and five new small printers, eliminating the problems associated with the old, unreliable printers.
  • Ink Provision: Spectrum Print solutions provide all the necessary ink, saving the school money on cartridges.
  • Uniflow Software: Uniflow has been implemented, preventing unnecessary printing and enhancing data protection compliance by only printing documents when users retrieve them.
  • Automatic Ink Ordering: New printers automatically order ink when supplies are low, ensuring a continuous and hassle-free printing experience.

The Benefits and Impact

  • Reduced Printing and Waste: There is less printing and reduced wastage of paper, which aligns with sustainability goals.
  • Time and Stress Savings: Staff no longer experience the daily stress of dealing with faulty printers, and time spent ordering ink has been eliminated.
  • Enhanced Data Protection: Uniflow’s document retrieval system has improved data protection compliance, particularly for confidential documents.
  • Convenience: Staff can send documents to the printer from their classrooms, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

Feedback from the Staff

All members of staff at Cragside School have expressed satisfaction with the new printing solutions provided by Spectrum Print. The improved machines and streamlined processes have alleviated their previous pain points.

Improved reliability of print/copy/scan fleet

First-class service levels

Closely managed account to meet needs

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