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Rollits LLP

With offices in both Hull and York, Rollits has a reputation for being one of the leading law firms in Yorkshire.






“Spectrum Print provides us with regular, proactive account management and local experienced support when required.  Thanks to the new system efficiencies, we’ve reduced our device count by over a third compared to our previous setup.”

Company Names

Rollits LLP


Yorkshire & The Humber


Numerous setbacks that Rollits were facing with their printing infrastructure lead them to seek a partnership with Spectrum Print. Their current devices were plagued with numerous issues that caused frustration among staff members, alongside poor service levels that hindered Rollit’s workflow efficiency.

The Company

With offices in both Hull and York, Rollits has a reputation for being one of the leading law firms in Yorkshire.


  • Disappointed with current print infrastructure management
  • Overwhelmed by outdated devices

Rollits has 180 years of expertise and knowledge in various aspects of legal matters.

The Solution

To address Rollits Solicitors’ challenges and meet their requirements, Spectrum Print implemented a comprehensive set of solutions that have positively transformed their print services. First and foremost, they installed the cutting-edge Canon Image RUNNER ADVANCE DX Series devices, replacing the outdated and underperforming equipment to add a significant enhancement to Rollits’ efficiency and productivity.

Spectrum Print have also integrated UniFlow software, enabling seamless scanning directly into the ALB case management software. This integration has streamlined Rollits’ document management processes, eliminating the need for manual handling, and reducing the chances of errors or data loss. The ability to effortlessly scan documents into their case management software has improved collaboration among staff members and saved valuable time that was previously wasted on manual data entry.

Furthermore, Spectrum Print’s dedication to outstanding service and support has been instrumental in the success of Rollits’ managed print services. They have provided Rollits with a dedicated Helpdesk, ensuring that any queries or concerns are promptly addressed. Their quick response times have significantly minimised downtime, allowing Rollits’ employees to carry on with their work uninterrupted. This reliable and efficient support has instilled confidence in Rollits, knowing that they have a reliable partner to rely on for their printing needs.

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