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Anglo Beef Processors

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of fresh and frozen meat products, Anglo Beef Processors contributes an estimated €1.3bn each year to local farmland and agricultural workers.


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With 255 devices distributed across 20 sites, Anglo Beef Processors struggled to maintain visibility into their printing activity, resulting in inefficiencies and difficulties in tracking usage. Furthermore, the company faced increased costs due to outdated devices and insufficient levels of service, adversely impacting their financial performance. Recognising the need for a comprehensive solution, Anglo Beef Processors turned to Spectrum Print to streamline their print management and optimise their printing infrastructure, ensuring greater visibility, cost control, and enhanced service levels.

The Company

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of fresh and frozen meat products, Anglo Beef Processors contributes an estimated €1.3bn yearly to local farmland and agricultural workers.


  • 255 devices across 20 sites
  • Lack of visibility with printing activity
  • Increased cost, with outdated devices and low levels of service

Both Anglo Beef Processors and Spectrum Print pride themselves on their professionalism, outstanding service delivery and honesty.

The Solution

First on Spectrum Print’s agenda was to reduce the number of devices within Anglo Beef Processor’s operations and replace them with an updated fleet of Canon printers. This strategic consolidation not only streamlined their printing infrastructure but also ensured access to modern and reliable equipment. The integration of UniFlow software included with the new devices brought enhanced security measures, enabling secure release and comprehensive reporting capabilities. This allowed Anglo Beef Processors to closely monitor and control their printing activities, resulting in improved efficiency and resource allocation.

Over the course of the partnership between the two businesses, the new print management services have successfully saved Anglo Beef Processors an impressive sum of approximately £715k. These cost savings have had a profound positive impact on the company’s financial performance, reinforcing the value and effectiveness of the partnership with Spectrum Print.

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