Case Study

The Invite Factory

Manufacturers of high-end and unique personalised cards, invitations and related items for celebrations.


Printing services




The Invite Factory faced several challenges related to its pro-print services, prompting them to seek a partnership with Spectrum Print for an efficient and cost-effective print solution. Inadequate software that didn’t meet printing quality standards, having to use external vendors to outsource complex print jobs, and the strain being placed on the business’ existing outdated hardware all lead to the partnership between The Invite Factory and Spectrum Print to solve this printing headache for good.

The Company

Manufacturers of high-end and unique personalised cards, invitations and related items for celebrations.


  • Limited capabilities of current device
  • Reliance on external vendors for print jobs
  • Lack of accuracy, consistency and reliability

The Invite Factory constantly strive to achieve the best results for their clients; a characteristic they share with Spectrum Print.

The Solution

Spectrum Print has implemented a comprehensive set of solutions to address The Invite Factory’s pro-print challenges, resulting in a significant positive impact on its operations. Firstly, the installation of the Canon imagePRESS C265, with the inclusion of a spectrometer in the device for optimal quality maintenance, revolutionises The Invite Factory’s print capabilities and ensures its prints are always of the highest standards. The enhanced range of media options the Canon device provides is another notable advantage, with The Invite Factory now having greater flexibility and versatility in its printing choices. This expanded media capability enables them to cater to a wider array of printing requirements, meeting diverse client demands effectively.

The implementation of these solutions empowers The Invite Factory to significantly reduce its reliance on external print vendors. With the improved print quality, consistency, and media options offered by the Canon imagePRESS C265, the need to outsource print jobs has become optional rather than obligatory. This shift translates into increased in-house profits, as The Invite Factory can now retain a larger share of its print projects, providing a boost to its bottom line.

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