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Why Are Managed Print Services So Important In Education? 🏫

Technology is becoming increasingly integrated into the school curriculum, so the education system relies more on printers than ever.

Teachers are no longer forced to write out worksheets; the introduction of printers means that high volumes of assignments, handouts and homework can be distributed to students.

Printers in school not only help to facilitate and enhance learning for young people, but also allow staff to carry out administrative tasks such as producing forms, schedules, and important documents.

Printing is clearly vital in schools, so streamlining processes for maximum efficiency is important. Therefore, Managed Print Services (MPS) should be applied.

MPS allows for full-scale printer management, productivity monitoring and saving time and money in the long run.

Here are just a few of the reasons MPS are essential for schools.

Cost saving: MPS are a great tool for reducing overall printing and printer maintenance costs. By optimising the use of existing printers and monitoring printer usage to reduce paper waste, MPS succeed in saving service users’ money.

Improved efficiency: MPS provides consistent maintenance and repair of printers, increasing the printer’s efficiency. Issues can be resolved quickly and to a high standard, plus remote monitoring means you can identify and resolve problems away from the school grounds.

Better security: Another way that MPS can help with an efficient printing infrastructure is by the implementation of security features. User authentication, secure printing software and print tracking can help streamline the output of a print service, especially one that operates at a high volume such as within a school.

Environmental sustainability: did you know that MPS can help schools be more sustainable? By removing unnecessary print jobs, recycling, disposing of used or broken printer parts and eliminating paper wastage, MPS are the most environmentally friendly option for printing on a large scale.

Scalability: Schools may need to scale their printing infrastructure depending on their existing printers’ efficiency and productivity. MPS are adaptable and can identify if schools need new printers or if they should merge their current devices.

Expertise: You aren’t just left to your own devices by installing MPS into your school. Support services are on hand to give you their expertise and resources and are often only a call or email away if you need any assistance.

The Future Of Print In Education đź–¨

At Spectrum, we’re proud to provide Managed Print Services to schools across the UK.

As we’ve already explained, MPS are essential for streamlining print performance and efficiency.

But, as technology advances, we could see a rise of other kinds of printer solutions becoming more accessible in the education sector.

Mobile Printing

Mobile printing is extremely convenient, and more students and staff are starting to use these services to print out work away from schools. As you only need a mobile phone and internet connection, it’s easy and accessible to access and share important documents. It also provides a flexible environment that allows students to work whilst at home or on the go, meaning they don’t miss out on their education.

3D Printing

3D printing is slowly being introduced into schools, and for good reason. It can provide hands-on learning for STEM subjects that will prepare students for the workplace, where 3D printing is used in a variety of industries. This learning opportunity is extremely valuable to students, and is expected to continue with the integration of technology into the school curriculum.

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