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How Can I Keep My Printer Safe?

In this scary new world of hackers, cyber-criminals and online fraudsters, keeping your devices secure is essential. We’ll bet you a tenner that you have a password to keep people from getting on your mobile phone, but do you keep your printer safe as well?

As printers get more advanced, most new models will be able to store and share documents digitally. Valuable data on digital documents could be vulnerable to cyber attacks, so it’s important to keep your device secure. Printed documents can also fall into the wrong hands, meaning confidential business, employee and customer data are at risk of being stolen.

So, how can you protect your printer yourself? It’s a question the team gets asked often when out seeing clients, so here are some of our top tips.

Use secure printing features: most modern printers will include features such as secure print release, allowing users to hold their print job at the device until they’re ready to collect it. Applications like these only allow documents to be viewed and released by authorised users, reducing the amount of confidential data breaches.

User authentication: this requires users to log onto printer with some sort of identification, such as an username and password or an I.D badge, to prevent unauthorised access. Functions of the printer can also be restricted to certain people, meaning only certain people in the office can print or scan etc.

Encrypt sensitive documents: software encryption tools or applications can be used to secure sensitive documents before they’re sent, ensuring no unauthorised recipients can open them and steal data. There’s loads of tools free to use online, so it’s worth having a Google!

Monitor and audit printer activities: keep your eye on who’s printing what, where and when through monitoring software installed on your device. Suspicious activity can be detected quickly and away from the printer through remote monitoring technology. You can even download remote printing apps on your smartphone, so you know your data is safe even when you’re away from the printer.

Update your software: make sure your printer is fully updated to patch up any potential security faults that could cause your data to be leaked. It’s also worth installing and updating device hardening software such as firewalls, VPN and antivirus software for further protection.

Make other people aware: it’s so important to keep your devices safe, and printers are no different. If you work in an environment like an office where printers are used heavily, make sure to let your team aware of the policies in place to safeguard vulnerable data.

Print Management Software You Need For Your Business 🖨 

What is print management software?

Software that helps businesses manage their printer; basically, exactly what it says on the tin! It’s a helpful way for businesses to track and monitor their printing activities, grouping together different practises and applications into one place.

Why do I need it?

Print management software is one of the most effective way of cutting down printer costs, due to it constantly monitoring the activity of your device. It can track unnecessary print jobs, reduce paper usage and streamline your overall production; it saves the trees and saves you money!


Below are two options that Spectrum recommend for managing your printer.

This cloud-based software not only aims to minimise the waste of businesses but also protects your printer. PaperCut utilises three-way printing protection to keep your data and documents secured, also increasing the productivity of your workplace by ensuring services are streamlined.


This tool is utilised by some of the top printer manufacturers such as Canon, and for good reason. uniFLOW’s on-site and remote device management means that your printer’s operations will run smoothly and efficiently. Plus, there’s security features to prevent unauthorised users from accessing your documents and data.

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